Hypnotherapy for sleep, confidence and anxiety.

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Sessions to help
you fall asleep

Pick-me-up sessions
to ditch self doubt

Courses to reduce
inner chatter

Inspiring reminders
to give you a boost

It's life changing

Sincerely this app isn’t just made by strangers for strangers. It‘s made by people who have your best interest in mind. They’ve poured their heart and soul into every section so you feel this indescribable goodness after each section. You need to get this app, it’s for you!


Great content

I recommend this app to everyone. It’s easy to use, and unlike other meditation apps there’s no creepy voices or guru chants. Just straight up positive messages to help you change you own inner voice to speak more positively to yourself.


Solved sleep problems

Absolutely love this app, I’ve been suffering from nightmares and night terrors after a traumatic incident and this has helped me so much. I now look forward to bedtime, rather than dreading it.



This app has really helped to make me a happier person. I’m only 17 and I was already stuck with the idea of believing that I couldn’t change the thoughts in my head to be more positive. But just after one listen I feel happier and more uplifted. I feel a lot more positive and I have the belief that I can change how I think!


Awesome app!

I love waking up to Clementine and using it after an intense day. I feel like this app has helped me feel better and stay motivated and I am so thankful for the creators of it!



Try our app for free

To help you decide if Clementine is right for you we’ll give you access to all of it for 7 days totally free. Try all features and therapies, no credit card required.

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After 7 days we’ll invite you to subscribe to the app

Annual membership

£39.99 /billed annually


£4.99 /billed monthly


  • Daily Sleep Sessions
  • Confidence Courses
  • Anti-Anxiety Courses
  • Mantras throughout the day

If you don’t subscribe, you can still enjoy the ‘no frills’ plan for free.

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