Clementine partners with the UK’s leading skincare brand, No7.

by Kim Palmer, 1st August 2022

Hey there, it’s Kim Palmer the founder of Clementine here and I wanted to share with you some mega exciting news….drum roll please. We have signed a deal with the UK’s leading skincare brand, No7*. Whoop whoop doesn’t really suffice here. This is just so huge for Clementine and the women that we serve, let me explain a little bit about why and our vision of how we see the world. 

Ok so let’s get started with a little reminder or maybe this is new to you about what Clementine’s mission is: 

Help create a world where every woman can do anything she puts her mind to. Because she can.

My vision for Clementine was never that it was an app. I knew that the ‘Clementine approach’ could expand across many different formats, categories and the app was the first idea that would be the gateway to more Clementine support. And what’s been super interesting as I’ve learnt along the way is that the app supports individual women to build really strong mindsets so that they can reclaim their thoughts, their beliefs, their inner dialogue with themselves and shut out the noise from the world around us so that we can do whatever the heck we put our minds to. Job done right? No. 

This approach of supporting women at an individual level is not enough to support our mission. Why? because whilst we can support women to shut out the noise. The noise isn’t stopping. So we realised that we needed to be part of the solution to help create a bigger impact by working with brands and organisations who actually care about more than just flogging products. Brands who believe that they can make a net positive impact on people’s mindsets. Brands that believe in the idea of ‘together’ we can make a better world.

And so I dreamed up this idea years ago that wouldn’t it be amazing if during our everyday interactions that we could also build a strong mindset. Literally how could we transform our everyday habits from moments where we don’t give things a second thought, unconsciously consuming or at worst consuming and leaving feeling worse than before we started consuming. A way that meant that self-care and finding time to practice good mental health was never put on the to do list. Because it didn’t have to be because it was part of the DNA of consumption. Some people thought I was mad. Some said that’s mindfulness - but it’s not. I shared this idea with a few big brands but didn’t even get a meeting. So I thought I was going mad too.

But then in Nov 2020 (yep that’s how long this partnership has been in the making) I pitched to No7 along with a whole bunch of really innovative companies my idea of putting therapy in the DNA of skincare consumption. And they loved it. And this is where I’ll fast forward a bit as the nuts and bolts of the build of our new innovation can be shared when we actually launch the new innovation. 

This is a pinch me day. For a bit of context too as to how big this is for our team and how talented our team is - there are only 5 of us. We do everything. And most of what we have been doing with No7 has been a first for us - pitching to the biggest player in one of the biggest categories in the UK, going through commercial discussions and negotiations, building the innovation with no agency support, and we do this with a smile on our face, an open attitude to what we can do and we work at lightning speed. It’s been a hard slog, stressful but thankfully we have an app to support us (wink).  I think you can guess by my tone - I’m super proud of our team. 

Now I can’t really share any details about what we have created together yet. But what I can say is that it’s disruptive & very much brings together the worlds of skincare and therapy, the results are proven and we believe this will be the pioneering new way to consume not only skincare but everything. 

We’ll keep you posted when we launch!



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