Why No7 & Clementine?

by Clementine, 24th August 2022

The ultimate habit stack - look after your well-being as you care for your skin.

One of the things we loved about partnering with No7 is their commitment to science and proof. And during the development of the ‘mind-skin rituals for menopause’, together with No7, we tested some of our Mind-Skin Rituals with 400 menopausal women to make sure that we were clear on the impact that they were having on either their skin or their emotional wellbeing. From the results of the user trial we can confidently, and happily, claim the following benefits:

What have we created

In partnership with No 7 we have created six free Mind-skin rituals to support those experiencing menopause with some common concerns:

These daily rituals are designed to help women feel more in control of their day and their skin. And were designed specifically to be paired with the new Menopause range from No 7 skincare - which was co-created with 7000 menopausal women.

A bit of background about the development of the rituals.

The rituals have been in the making for over 20 months as we worked collaboratively with the team at No7. The team included a mix of experts including hypnotherapists, beauty therapy experts and of course hundreds of menopausal women.

We developed the rituals to include three key parts - skincare application, massage to relax, and hypnotherapy. 

Plus - they’re tried and proven! A variety of the new rituals were tested with over 400 women in a study that ran for up to 4 weeks. The results were overwhelmingly positive with more than 7/10 women feeling more confident after doing the mind-skin rituals for 4 weeks. 

Confidence Ritual
Women felt more positive and ready to take on the day after 1 week of use. 

Get to Sleep Ritual
Women agreed that the ritual helped them feel calm and relaxed at the end of the day and prepared them for a better night's sleep!

Cooling Ritual
Women agreed  that the ritual helped them quickly regain a sense of control when feeling overwhelmed after a hot flush. 

Easy to Use
What's more, the study proved that combining cognitive hypnotherapy and skincare helps women to fit self-care into their daily lives. Over 87% of women found it easy to fit the mind-skin rituals in their daily routine.

How you can try the ritual

Together with No7, these 6 rituals are available for everyone to listen to, for free. It was incredibly important within the partnership that we made the barriers to accessing these rituals as low as possible. Whether you’re struggling with disrupted sleep, feeling hot, or low confidence, there’s a ritual to help you in the moment you need it. 

To access the rituals, simply download the Clementine App on iOS or Android and register for an account (don’t worry - we don’t ask for any card details!) 

Once downloaded, you’ll have access to the entire No7 x Clementine section with all 6 of our rituals. Simply select the session that best suits you.


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