Hypnotherapy for sleep, confidence and anxiety.

About Clementine

Clementine is a hypnotherapy app aimed at women with busy lives. We are building a health tech brand that has a huge mission to help women shift their mindsets from thinking that they aren’t good enough, to believing that they are.

With anxiety at an all time high, and uncertainty everywhere thanks to our ‘new normal’, Clementine is a moment of calm in women’s days. The app, which was selected by the Guardian as one of ‘seven apps which every woman should own’ tackles anxiety, imposter syndrome, body confidence, and helps women sleep better. Daily mantras, bite-size hypnotherapy sessions, and longer confidence courses are designed to tackle a range of the issues faced by women of all ages.

Clementine guides its users into a relaxed state using cognitive hypnotherapy and coaching - not meditation- to overcome daily grievances. The app offers a mix of proven science, wellness, and sweary reality, talking to its users like adults, and treating them like friends.

Clementine was created by entrepreneur Kim Palmer, who named the app after the clementine oranges which she would peel discreetly at work, whenever her own anxiety took hold. Having suffered for years from anxiety, Kim recognised the value of hypnotherapy first-hand. Kim spent years finding the right hypnotherapist for the app,and joined forces with therapist Hazel Gale, who has created a series of sessions in the app, including:

  • My f**ks are mine to give. Get ready for the day and be in control of who gets your energy (3 mins)
  • Boost your self confidence. Perk up before a big meeting (6 mins)
  • Take a breather. If you’re ever on the brink of a mini meltdown at home or work (7 mins)
  • Power Nap and recharge. Catch up on sleep after a bad night’s rest (20 mins)
  • Deep sleep and feel calmer. Shake off the day, stop all the inner chat and drift off (26 mins)

Clementine’s sessions and tools span the entire day, working around a woman’s already busy lifestyle. The app aims to bookend each day, promoting good morning and evening routines with morning mantras and specific ‘Sleep Sessions’. Starting your day with Clementine acts as a reminder that you value your mind, it also helps prioritise self-love, self-care, calm and confidence.

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