Hypnotherapy vs Meditation: Not sure how they differ? The answers might surprise you.


You’ll have seen lots about meditation over the last few years with apps like Headspace and Calm becoming really popular. And now here we come with a hypnotherapy app but what’s the difference and which should you choose?

Like mindful meditation, hypnotherapy lulls you into a state of relaxation and helps calm your mind and clear your head to help you get through your day in a positive, calm and stress-free way. While both disciplines are similar there are big differences that might make one work better for you than the other.

What is mindfulness meditation?

The real purpose of mindfulness is to train the skills of noticing and letting go. This is achieved by turning your awareness inwards, giving the mind a simple task like counting breaths, and then practising the ability to notice the thoughts that distract from that task before returning to it by letting those thoughts go. Mediation uses your conscious mind to help you do this. 

What’s hypnotherapy? 

Hypnotherapy on the other hand uses your unconscious mind and is much more visual and creative. The great thing about it is that there’s no pressure, we lull you into a relaxed hypnotic state and you can let the words wash over you. Once you’re in the trance state and we then help to interrupt negative thought patterns relating them with positive ones. Putting you back in control of your own behaviour. You can work on a whole range of things from reducing anxiety, feeling from confident and building better boundaries to feeling better about your body. It’s also absolutely brilliant for sleep and can help you drift off quickly. Read more about Hypnotherapy in our guide

Why Try Hypnotherapy Over Meditation?

So they’re a few reasons why we think hypnotherapy can work better for some people. Firstly if you’ve got a busy brain which many women do mediation can be really hard to access. Hypnotherapy is easy to access and that’s why so many women who struggle with anxiety and stress love it.

Mediation uses the conscious mind deals in rationalisation and logic, and the subconscious mind responds more readily to imagery, metaphor, and emotion, hypnotherapy tends to work more with creative visualisations, narrative and playful imagery than mindfulness will do. 

Also, because of the number of different tools that can be used in hypnotherapy recordings, you could argue that they’re more varied than guided mindfulness meditation.

However both techniques are effective, there is no doubt that mindfulness can be transformative for many. It wouldn’t be so widely practised if this weren’t the case. But there are many different ways to achieve self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-command. Our preference is for hypnotherapy over mindfulness because of the breadth of techniques it can involve; because of its potential creativity and wonder-inspiring imagery; and because of its ability to speak directly to the unconscious mind as well as the conscious. Try the app for free

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