Our Mission

Our mission is to help busy women, giving them the tools to shift their mindsets, unlocking the confidence to move from thinking they can’t to really believing they can do whatever they want.

We believe that women can achieve anything, when they trust their own abilities. There can be so much pressure in the world and we want to help women to ignore all the noise and focus on what’s right for them and their mental health. 

We want to spread the word about hypnotherapy far and wide, as we wholeheartedly believe that it is one of the most powerful tool for women who have busy brains and so much more effective that meditation. As it interrupts negative thoughts and replaces them with positive, empowering ones, to create long term change. 

Tools to reduce stress and anxiety

Here are some ways to help with reducing stress and anxiety because sadly, these are the most common areas that we hear women struggle with.

It all starts with the overthinking - that ruminating again - not being able to let things go, which spirals for many women out of control. It just ends up taking up so much space in our heads. It's that "always on" feeling that won't go away. The problem is that when we keep thinking like this, it becomes second nature. It becomes our go-to way of thinking, which in turn leads to more stress, more anxiety, which then impacts on all aspects of our lives, like sleeping, eating, decision making, even our productivity, the list goes on.

So how do we break this habit? 

Right, I'm going to lay it on you; there is no silver bullet. It's the combination of everything that I've talked about so far. And the repetition of using the tools. A good way to think about it is using an analogy like a car, so we need fuel to run your car, we need to have it serviced and have an MOT to make sure that we don't ever have those sticky situations. It's the same for your mind. It needs regular work and energy in it to keep it going so that we avoid those really wobbly moments, and don't break down.

We genuinely believe our Learn and Sleep courses will have the biggest impact on your stress and anxiety. The reason for this is that it includes coaching, it becomes a two way conversation, where we ask you a simple question at the beginning of every session. This question will be really powerful. At the end of our Calm course you'll be left with a practical set of tools that you can use every day. This is the one to start with.

As well as that it's not just what you do, is what you don't do that can really help. Firstly, we've created a dedicated Pick Me Up session to helping you set clear boundaries, helping you to learn to say no because we know that that's really difficult. We also really believe in the idea that it's not just about the to do list, we've created another version of the to do list. It's the Not To Do List. You can find out about this and other great tools we have on our blog.

Once you've reduced your stress levels, it can be time to build your confidence.

Tools to build confidence

Mostly we know that we are capable. That's not the problem here. We know we've got the skills we know we've got the experience to do the things that we want to do. That's the rational side of our brains. But then we have that really niggly feeling of doubt that overtakes these facts, that "I'm not good enough to do this." We spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to everyone else, leaving us feeling like we don't match up. These thoughts, not facts, mean that we hold ourselves back from so many things. Bigging ourselves up at work going on dates, wearing the clothes we want, it can become exhausting. So how do we help build more confidence? I hate to say it, again, there's no silver bullet here. It's the combination, the repetition over time that will help build your confidence - confidence through doing. The more you do, the more you build your confidence.

So what's the first small steps you could take to build your confidence? Start small. Find a confidence session from the Pick Me Ups that feels really relevant to what you're struggling with right now. Listen to it as much as you can, but once a day is a really great place to start.

Then you want to set up mantras to pop up all through the day. You can select a theme that you're trying to focus on. If you want to go pro, then you can write your own and get really specific. Or if you can't be arsed, we get it. Then choose the surprise three mantras, these will really help. Once you start to see improvements, don't stop, keep going. This is really, really important. It's the repetition that will really help to build your confidence. 

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