How to fall asleep quickly


Well we think we’ve got the answer for you, we’re all looking for tips and tricks to get some shut eye and we think hypnotherapy is the perfect answer.

So why is sleep so important? 

Look, there's so much research out there right now about all the benefits of a good night's sleep. But you really only need to think about how you feel when you have a bad night's sleep. You probably eat crappy food. You probably can't be bothered exercising. And I don't know about you, but I always get quite snappy. You basically just want to go straight back to bed.

But how do you feel when you have a really good night sleep? You feel like You can do anything! You feel more productive, more creative, you probably make healthier choices. And you're probably nicer to be around to. This is why sleep is so important. It fundamentally can change how you think and feel and what you do on an everyday basis.

Why can’t you get to sleep?

Now, one of the biggest problems that people have when they're trying to get to sleep is that they can't shut down their brain. It's that overthinking, you know, the endless ruminating of all the details of the day that's just been. That constant to do lists that's wearing around your head. Today, tomorrow, it just goes on and on. So the challenge is to find ways to park things that have happened in the day, to help you switch off that endless chatter in our heads that stopped us from getting to sleep, or also waking up in the middle of the night. But how do you do it? How do you actually get a better night's sleep?


Things to help you to sleep

It's all about routines and habits. Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents used to follow the same routine, that probably went something a little like this: bath, reading bed, lights out. Well, they did this for a good reason. We all need to find ways to unwind. But the reality is that for many busy people, they just is no time in the day to create that space before you hit the pillow. So you can create a solid sleep ritual with our deep sleep sessions. 


How can Clementine help you to sleep quicker?

These sleep sessions are a great way to create the space to help you unwind, to help you detach from the day just been. They help you let go and park all those things that are racing around your head. We've created a range of these deep sleep sessions that will absolutely help you to get to sleep. But they also help you focus on some of those things that are stopping you getting to sleep in the first place such as feeling overwhelmed, perhaps you're lacking a bit of confidence, maybe you're feeling stressed. They act as a double whammy of goodness.

We've taken these even further by developing our Learn and Sleep courses. We heard from so many women that they really wanted to focus on big topics that were holding them back in their everyday lives like stress, but they also told us that they had zero time to fit this learning in during the day. So we decided the best time to learn and fit this in is before bed.

Sleep Hygiene

One of the other really important parts to sleep is to try to convince ourselves and remind ourselves that we are good sleepers. What's been really helpful for me is that during the day I set up mantras that remind me that I am a good sleeper, because the worst thing is when you have a bad night's sleep, the next day, you start thinking that you're not a good sleeper. So by setting up these little mantras that say, "Kim, you are a good sleeper," it means that when I get to the bedroom, I really believe that I can get to sleep. That positive mindset is so important to having a good night's sleep.

Why not go and try a sleep session tonight? In the next session we're going to talk about starting your day right and why this is so important. Try the app for free

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