8 Things You Can Do To Sleep Better Tonight

by Kelsey Turnell, 7th March 2022

Sleep. Love it or hate it, every single one of us needs it! So what are the best means and ways to get those precious 8 hours? 

Sometimes getting off to sleep can be extremely difficult, and while it takes the average person around 20 minutes to fall asleep, this isn’t always achievable. So if you are taking a lot longer to shut off, here are some things you can do before bed to catch some of those precious Z’s. 

Sleep hygiene is vital in getting a good night’s sleep, and simply put, this involves creating habits throughout the day to give yourself the best possible chance of getting to sleep. Here’s 8 things you can try to improve your sleep hygiene and build good sleep habits that will stick.

  • Create daytime habits - good sleep habits actually start during the day. You can create some daytime calming moments where possible such as listening to a morning session, taking a walk around the block for 5 minutes, managing stress levels and carving out more “me time” (even if that means spending more time on the loo reading!)
  • Exercise - Some form of exercise, even if it is throughout the day, can be a great way to not only tire yourself out, but to also manage stress and anxiety.
  • Foresight & download - Plan the following days tasks and jobs to close off from the ones today.  And do some things that help you to ‘download’ your day and transition to night. Try some journaling or colouring; find a task that will not only help clear your head but that you find deeply relaxing.
  • Reduce Stimulants - Reduce your consumption of caffeine, alcohol, sugary drinks etc, especially before bed. 
  • Wind down -  Encourage a calming wind-down routine to ease you into a sleepy state, naturally, and organically. For example, spend some time winding down at the same time each night, and wake up at the same time each morning. Around 30-60 mins before going to bed is a great wind-down period. Our wind down sessions help you distance yourself from your day to prepare for a dreamy sleep. You can try "Wind down and relax your mind" for free. 
  • Make a nest - one of the most simple habits you can introduce is creating the best possible environment for good sleep. Now is the time to invest in decent bedding, cosy blankets, bolster cushions, and a good mattress – the things that help you sleep. 
  • Relaxation - Dim the lights one hour before bedtime. Take a bath, use some scented oils, and incorporate relaxation techniques to prepare your mind and body for bed. A great thing to do before bed is to pop one of our Deep Sleep sessions on- just lie back and allow us to lull you into the folds of sleep.
  • Try the 4-7-8 breathing technique Dr. Andrew Weil developed this super easy yet powerful breathing method that encourages calmness and relaxation. A great thing to do before bed and it can relax you and help you fall asleep quickly.

Of course, these techniques might not work for everyone, but they’re worth giving a go. Who knows, you could be sleeping like a baby tonight! Key things to remember as well as these little tips include keeping a balanced diet, not overloading yourself with work and ensuring that you take time for you.

If you are struggling with stress and anxiety, or insomnia even, and you are concerned that they’re affecting your sleep, then a mental care professional can help discover what's going on for you. 


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