The Morning Challenge for Realists

by Kim Palmer, 7th November 2022

Not a morning person? 

You know what, that’s okay! We’re not here to convert you to the 5am club or to tell you the “optimum time to wake up.” Instead, we’re putting our stake in the ground and declaring that whatever time you get up, whenever your morning starts, and whatever you like to call yourself is just bloody fine with us. 

We don’t want you to have to change anything about how you start your days, but we do want to offer an alternative way to view your mornings. We're big on morning at Clementine - in fact, we have a load of sessions designed espeically for the mornings, because we really believe in bookending your day. They're short & sweet, but boy, do they pack a punch! And we know that they work because our lovely community have told us so...

"I have now started to explore the morning sessions & find fitting a quick 3 min session into my morning routine helps keep me on track to fight that negative chatter that can often hit you without warning."

" I use the short morning sessions to set my day off in the right way."

" I am happier and more together after my daily morning sessions. I can’t recommend the app enough!"

So, here goes…

it’s a super simple ‘challenge’ and we’re even a bit reticent to call it that, but sometimes we need to be held accountable to make sh*t happen. Maybe think of it as a commitment to yourself and your mindset instead. And we’ve called this a challenge for realists, because we don’t think you should have to be that “morning person” to feel like you can achieve this. We’ve got a hunch that nearly anyone could take this on and incorporate it…let’s see if we’re right. 

Here’s how it works...

1 - Do this challenge whenever feels right for YOU. If that’s the morning, that’s great. If it’s some other time in your day, that’s fantastic too. You do you. 

2 - You don’t have to change anything about your mornings.

3 - Think about all the things you do each morning, consistently and be prepared to habit stack on top of them.

4 - Pick one of our morning sessions (they’re all free in the app!) & listen to this as you do one of your pre-existing morning habits.

5 - Try doing this at least 3 times in one week

And that’s it. Here’s some ideas of habits that you can stack the morning sessions on top of:

This list isn’t exhaustive, and our morning sessions aren’t long either (max 4 mins) so have a think about your everyday activities and which ones you want to try out the Morning Challenge for Realists on. 

To help us see if we’re on the right lines with this challenge, we’re asking everyone involved to fill in a super quick pre & post challenge survey. It’ll only take a min to fill out, and we’ve got 5 of the Made By Coopers: Awaken Essentials Oil Blend to giveaway to those who complete the challenge - woohoo! 

If you want to join us with this, all you’ve got to do is email us at & we’ll send you both surveys to fill in. And please share this as far and wide as you’d like! 


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