Clementine, V2 coming soon!

by Clementine team, 24th July 2020

Well, where to start. As some of you may already know, we have been rebuilding Clementine, which includes; the brand, app, website, our content, hypnotherapy sessions, the whole shebang! We are so incredibly excited to share with you all of the changes and updates and are looking to relaunch around September 2020 so watch this space! 

Why are we changing I hear you ask? Shortly, Kim will share with you in-depth insights on the why, what and how, but for now, here is just a quickie. Clementine isn’t changing, it’s evolving. Our aims and values haven't moved away from its original mission, which is to help women with their sleep, confidence and find their calm, but more so, we want to make sure that we can continually add more supportive content to our app, create new ways to support like through our new learning journals and most importantly we wanted to support more and more women. 

Over time, you, our wonderful community, have shared with us what you would like to see more of in Clementine, such as, more content, events, courses, sessions, features, stories,  partnerships and more varied conversations for a wider audience. As a team, we have listened and it is safe to say you will be getting all of the above. 

In order to have made all of these changes, we needed a new team to help with the evolution of Clementine. You may have already met some of them over on Instagram (do check out our posts and find out more about them) but we are really happy to introduce Katie Lee, Brand and Marketing Lead, Alina Draganescu, Technical Lead and Sifa Mustafa, Creative Content Manager. As a team, with Kim, CEO, we have been working behind the scenes developing and carving out the future vision of Clementine. In time, we hope to meet you all IRL once it is fully safe to, but until then, watch out for our Facebook and Instagram lives!

We honestly can’t wait to show you what we have been creating, but until then, to see some of our sneaky peeks do make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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