I needed lifting out of my productivity funk.

by Sifa Mustafa, 6th August 2020

Last Friday, it was 34 degrees in London. I was tired, hot, anxious and forgot to look after myself by simply taking more screen breaks from the laptop. By 2pm, I hit a massive productivity funk, lost all energy and focus. I knew I needed some time out, so instead of forcing my brain to switch back on I listened to the ‘Power nap and recharge’ session to help me feel refreshed, and get me back on track for the rest of the working day. My god did it work. 

I know I am not alone in this, we have spoken to hundreds of women who all experience various moments where things can suddenly go awry. Even if you start your day with the best intentions, these moments can really derail you, putting you in a place of negativity. In our day to day lives, there are so many variables we negotiate with which is why in Clementine version 2, we built a pick-me-up section to help guide you back to a place of calm and confidence when you feel it slipping away. 

Our pick me ups are a collection of bitesize sessions which will help you get your day back on track. We will guide you if you need a quick confidence boost, when you feel your productivity slipping or if you need to build more boundaries in your life by learning to say no more.

So, whatever hurdle may be thrown at you throughout your day, Clementine v2 has got your back. What pick me ups would you like to hear, let us know in the comments below.

Sifa -


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