Clementine's 'Un-Picking' Series with Founder of Yawn Nightwear

by Lydia Cardona, 2nd August 2021

Welcome to our 'Un-picking' series, where we ask kick-ass Female Founders 10 simple questions to see what makes them tick to get to know them a bit better!

This week, we've put our questions to Alice Whiteley, Founder of a brand we're obsessed with Yawn Pyjamas who says that she “wanted to make beautiful pyjamas that give you a hug; that say it’s ok - good even - to slow down.” Who doesn’t want nightwear that does that?! So let's get into it...

1. In one sentance, tell us why you started Yawn
Exhaustion – I was a working mum and very tired, I dreamed of a business that was all about helping women to relax by creating colourful, characterful pjs and more.

2. Pyjamas in bed or naked?
Mostly pyjamas – short in the summer, long in the winter.

3. Breakfast or no breakfast?
Breakfast. I always liked the idea that you should breakfast like a king.

4 What everyday item brings you joy?
My Keep-Cup as I use it most days and love products that are built to last. The simple act of washing it and putting it in my bag in anticipation of getting my next coffee makes me happy.

5. Tea or Coffee?
Both – I get up with a cup of tea and get going with a cup of coffee. I have recently discovered Doppio - a coffee wholesaler near us – which is brilliant because I now have a variety of beans to try.

6. Night on the sofa or night on the town?
Pre-pandemic it was definitely nights on the town and although they happened rarely I miss them.  I definitely get my energy from others and love nothing more than going out with a group of old friends.

7. Who is your everyday hero?
A man called Bilton who works at my kids school.  He is at the gate most mornings greeting everyone as they arrive at school and he is an incredible person – he always has something nice to say, a fantastic smile. One of life’s joygivers and I always feel better having seen him.

8. What does confidence mean to you?
Having the ability to speak up, having done the work to justify your position. I am definitely a believer in substance over style.

9. What has been your greatest extravagance?
Without a doubt our dog Simba.  I had no idea how expensive it is to have a dog, particularly once he had eaten our sofa.

10. What is your guilty pleasure that no-one knows about (until now!)?
Chocolate, magazines and bubble bath – although my family definitely know about it and  no guilt involved.  How boring, sorry.

About Yawn:
Yawn is independent, founder-owned and growing organically. Their patient approach to growth sits alongside big dreams for the future, - including ambition to achieve B Corp status.

They're a growing brand, because they listen to their customers and their community, so if you have any thoughts, feel free to contact Alce ( is easiest).
Join the comunity by signing up to their Zzz List for weekly goings-on or simply follow @yawnlondon for relaxing inspiration.


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