Clementine app partners with Becky Hill, British singer and songwriter, and mental health advocate, to encourage more young people on a journey to critical self-care.

by Lydia Cardona, 19th January 2022

London, United Kingdom, 19th January 2022 - Mindset company Clementine announced today a new partnership with Becky Hill, the British singer songwriter and Brit Awards nominee, to raise awareness of the power of hypnotherapy and its accessibility via the Clementine app, amongst a younger audience, in a bid to equip them with the necessary tools in the fight against poor mental health.


This exciting collaboration sees Clementine’s science-backed cognitive hypnotherapy appeal to a new audience of young women with Becky’s ability to connect with this key demographic. Becky will use her platform to educate people on the simple and effective methods and techniques of hypnotherapy accessible on the Clementine app. In addition Clementine will work with Becky to develop new content in and out of app that will inspire and encourage young women to take their mental health seriously and into their own hands.


“We are beyond excited to be working with Becky, an artist of her calibre in the public eye that is also so relatable and a true advocate for mental health having battled with her own anxiety and who successfully sought out treatment on the app. At Clementine we are on a mission to reduce the stress and anxiety and build the self-belief of millions of women and I can’t think of anyone better than Becky to help us realise this mission. Through this partnership we want to, together, make the app more accessible,” says Kim Palmer, Founder and CEO of Clementine app.


”Never before has mental health been of bigger importance than it is now”, explains Becky Hill, British musician and mental health advocate, on why she is pleased to be partnering with Clementine. “Women, especially, have battles with societal norms that affect confidence, body image and assertiveness making work and personal life difficult. For years I have battled with the resistance and anxiety of putting my face out alongside my music, but through therapy, self-care and perseverance I am now on a journey to accepting myself and, in turn, others. When I stumbled across  Clementine in 2019, I fell in love with the app and immediately wanted to get involved in some capacity to help develop it and get the word out so it could help others, like it helped me.”

For the type of experience-led content and collaboration you can expect from Clementine’s partnership with Becky Hill, keep an eye on Becky Hills Instagram acount @beckyhill for further announcements. 

Download the Clementine app for free for 7 days (no payment details required) on IOS and Android.

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