Our No-Year Resolutions

by Livvy Giblin, 20th December 2022

Each year, come Jan 1st, we're plagued with the overwhelming sense of having to get our sh*t together for the next 365 days ahead.

We think back to everything we didn't do, all the things we didn't achieve and all the ways we wasted time.

And then we enter the new year full of hope & dreams for the person we'll be the next time we take a trip around the sun, and we make promise after promise to ourselves. We buy everything we need to help keep these, and we feel bloody great every time we turn down a sweet treat, journal in our diary & rock up to bed early to read.

But then what happens when, days, weeks or months in, we start to feel overwhelm. We haven't ditched all the sh*t that wasn't making us feel good, we've just added more to our plate to help counteract it. And this (more often than not) means that slowly our resolutions dwindle and we accept the inevitable that we'll have had another year of failed resolutions.

Now, we get this, this isn't everyone, but it is a lot of us - about 85% actually. And so, to you 85% we say - eff what we've always done, join us with our no-year resolutions.

2023 is the year of less. It’s the year of intentions over resolutions. It's the year of saying no to the stuff that doesn't make you feel good, and yes to the stuff that does. Why add more to our to-do lists in order to "be a better person?" We think you're bloody brilliant just as you are. But if you want to do things to make you feel better, then why not start by de-cluttering your life with all of the sh*t that makes you feel bad to start.

We don't believe that to be the best version of yourself you need to *be more, do more have more*. No, siree! We believe that this year can be all about you doing you, and finding ways to make life feel less overwhelming and more empowering.

So join us in our no-year resolutions. Here's what we're saying "no" to this year:
  • No more saying 'yes' when I really want to say 'no'

  • No more saying "I'm fine" when I'm really not

  • No more comparing myself to people I don't even know

  • No more feeling stupid for asking questions

  • No more ignoring my gut

  • No more trying to force things that don't fit

  • No more holding onto things that aren't meant for me

  • No more rushing when I go to the loo

  • No more not taking my lunch break

  • No more running around like a headless chicken

  • No more "I can squeeze you in"

  • No more do,do,do,do

  • No more rushing, rushing, rushing

  • No more worrying about balance...i'm getting boundaries

  • No more "having it all"

  • No more seeing people who make me feel shit

  • No more spending money on stuff that doesn't help me

  • No more trying to be perfect

  • No more putting off going to the doctors

  • No more saying sorry all the time

  • No more shitty sleep

  • No more hating on my body

  • No more feeling guilty after I eat

    Basically, we're saying no to more. Join us.



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