REBOOT review 2021

by Clementine, 28th January 2021

Let's get it started!

It's been a crazy start to the year but also a time to grow, evolve and become the owner of our lives. The first day of our REBOOT virtual festival really lifted us up listening to Nyome Nicholas-Williams, (Model and Activist) talk to Harriet Minter (Journalist & Broadcaster).

It also brought us Kim Palmer’s session and shared an interactive Clementine workshop helping us reflect on 2020 and our goals for 2021. 

Christian Norman's session showed us how to curate a Vision Board for 2021 on Pinterest. If you would like to see her example and get a few more hints and tips on how to make your own, check out her example here.

Fix up, look sharp!

Lucy Chamberlain’s (Recruitment Specialist and founder of C&C Search) session encouraged us to dream big, get excited and she shared a journaling activity where you jot down all the things that make you, you. Then you have the opportunity to align your experiences, talents and interests to the job you’d like to apply for.

Emma Kangis (Executive Coach) shared her thoughts on building a ‘growth mindset’ and why this is important to help build confidence, overcome feeling demotivated, changing career and building and maintaining relationships at work. Our favourite quote, “Mind is a muscle - we need to keep using it. It needs challenge, practice and effort to grow”.

Saskia Nelson, (Photography Expert from Heysaturday) Everyone should check this session out if you don't feel like your profile photo is representing you and your career goals. We LOVED Saskia’s pet hates for LinkedIn headshots:

  • Poor quality or blurry images
  • Other people in the shot
  • Out of date photos
  • Party photos
  • Messy backgrounds

Is my body too bootylicious?

In our third session, Alix Fox (Writer, Broadcaster & Sex Educator) unpicked the so-called "designer vagina" trend and suggested a host of ideas to feel more vulva-va-va-voom about your genitals just as they are. Highlights include the origami punani! We definitely left the session feeling peaceful, proud and c*nt-fident about our bodies.

Michelle Elman (Body Confidence Coach) shared an open and honest conversation about her journey to build body acceptance. Check out her Scarred Not Scared campaign here.

Harriet Minter (Journalist & Broadcaster) explained how the media works and why. She explained how social media can actually be a force for good when we use it, rather than allow it to use us. TAKE THAT!

It must be love, love, love...

In our 4th instalment of REBOOT, Charly Lester (Dating Expert) helped us make the most of our online dating profile and dating during a lockdown. Check out her session for advice on photos, dating profiles, making conversation and the all-important first date. Much needed if you are a lockdown single!

Laura Vowels (Relationship Expert) talked about the effects of lockdown on existing relationships and how to set them up to stay healthy with tips on alone time, improving communication, reinforcing boundaries, date nights.

Maria Avgitidis (4th Generation Matchmaker) recommended to try the 50-5 rule if you are experiencing dating fatigue. Swipe up to 50 times in one day on one app, or until you “like” five matches. Whichever comes first. She also suggested if you want to scrap online dating to try attending two social events per week for three months to meet at least two people you have never met before.

Who runs the world, GIRLS!

In our fifth instalment Lauren Langdell (Recruitment Specialist / Associate Director at Trust in Soda) shared her top tips on how to communicate your value when negotiating:

  • Ask for endorsements from people you’ve worked with and colleagues
  • Share what the bigger picture looks like
  • Don’t make it personal, it’s business
  • Think about plan B
  • Quantify your contribution to the company

Tiwa Ogunlesi (Confidence Coach) stressed the importance of the self-love revolution and how what you believe about yourself is the foundation to everything you become. Tune in to find out which of the five personas of imposter syndrome you are and how to reprogramme your confidence and challenge the negative thoughts when it arises. Her energy was electric!

Ronke Lawal (PR Expert) session is a must-see for business owners, entrepreneurs or professionals who want to raise their visibility and credibility. Ronke shared her top tips on building your personal brand, including:

  • Understand your goals and vision
  • Understand the role of technology and social media
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Tell your story
  • Be brave!!

We felt so empowered and energised after listening to this session.

I am human, I am woman

Daniella Peri CEO and Founder of Yoppie went in depth into the physical and emotional power of our menstrual cycle. With all the insight and knowledge we felt a lot more confident and empowered when navigating life's demands around our monthly cycle.

Cat Strawbridge (Host of the Finally Pregnant podcast and co-founder of Cat + Alice) shared her experience mentally and physically trying to get pregnant and the stress involved with fertility treatment. Really appreciated her vulnerability sharing her journey of trying to conceive with multiple rounds of fertility treatment and 3 miscarriages.

Dr Becky Quicke (Clinical Psychologist guiding women through the hormonal storms of peri/menopause) shared her top 3 mindset skills needed to navigate our way through the hormonal fluctuations of perimenopause and menopause:

  • Embrace that your mood will change. Don’t fight against the waves, work with them.
  • Turn towards your feelings and be willing to feel the discomfort it might bring.
  • Educate yourself on menstrual cycle awareness
  • Accepting your mortality so that we can live life to the fullest. Embrace the ending of menstruation and attend to the grief of that ending.

Dreams can come true...

We found out how to unlock our dreams and change our life with dream expert Lauri Loewenberg. We loved her section on dream archetypes:

  • Falling - something in your life that is going in the wrong direction. 
  • Flying - something feels great, you are reaching a goal or you’re feeling empowered.
  • Running - Are you avoiding confrontation? Are you being chased by an issue?
  • Naked in public - Are all eyes on you? Are you being scrutinized, tested or judged? 
  • Death - Something is changing, coming to an end, or the end of a phase or cycle.

Lauren Doherty (Facial Massage Specialist) shared her bedtime routine with an interactive self-guided face massage. We slept like a baby that evening as it was specifically designed to promote sleep.

Dr Shelby Harris (Sleep Hygiene Expert & author) shared such great advice on improving your sleep hygiene. She stressed the importance of consistency, recommending that we get to bed and wake up at the same time even on a weekend.

Let’s talk about sex baby

Alix Fox (Writer, Broadcaster & Sex Educator) shared 10 Inventive, imaginative ideas to get you SEXCITED by revitalising your appetite for sex and masturbation. We loved her tips on sex toys, role plays, exercises and approaches you may not have heard of before.

Andrea Balboni (Relationship Coach) shared her 5 Ways to Reboot Your Sex Life as a Parent. We learned how to rebuild intimacy and strengthen our family.

Billie Quinlan (CEO and Co-Founder of Ferly) Spoke about supporting your sexual wellness with tech. We learnt about prioritising pleasure, exploring eroticism and cultivating confidence! If you haven’t downloaded the Ferly app then you are in for a treat.

A huge thank you to our host! 

The fabulous Anniki Sommervile is passionate about talking to women about ageing and how to thrive in your forties. She also hosts the podcast 'How to Be A Boss at Ageing,' and is releasing a book of the same name on March 31st.


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