Rise and shine sleepy head

by Clementine team, 4th September 2020

How do you feel first thing in the morning? Do you feel a little flat or anxious about the day ahead? Are you perhaps just sleepwalking into your day by repeatedly checking social media, the news, reading emails, forming that dreaded to-do list? In doing this we don’t allow ourselves to stop and mentally prepare ourselves for the day. So what if, we could help make you stop and start your day right by sending empowering morning mantras telling you that you are calm, confident and capable.

In Clementine version 2, we know the importance of starting the morning right, feeling less dread for the day ahead and more ‘yes, I can totally do this’ which is why we created our morning mantras. You can set what time and which days of the week you would like to receive them as well as set whether you want us to deliver our messages with our little rise and shine bird song.

morning mantra

As well as morning, we have improved the daytime mantras (that most of you love). You can now view your mantra in your notifications, click on it which will take you to an image of it that you can save to your favourites, download and share with family and friends or to social media!  They are our way of sending you mini pep talks throughout your day. You can select how many you would like to receive in the day, write your own, select a theme, pick from your favourites or let us surprise you so that when you least expect it you will get that little boost of energy. As mentioned in our previous blog post as well as developing our mantra feature, in Clementine v2, we are harnessing the power of swearing so when you are in the need of that extra oomph, you can turn sweary mantras on or off.

Here is some feedback of what our testing community have said about our morning mantras, 

“ I love my morning wake ups 😊 I LOVE the mantras and the choice of swear words. Very grown up! X"

“Like others, I love the birds announcing my rise and shine mantra”

We have been so overwhelmed with the positive response that our morning and day mantras have had within our wonderful testing community, and can’t wait to share it WITH YOU for our relaunch in ABOUT A WEEKS TIME…...EXCITING


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